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What Customers Say about Megabiz

Richard Kiibler - Owner
305 Design Center, Miami, Florida


Rick Irrgang - Owner
Pro Bowl Plumbing, Coral Springs, Florida



See what our clients have to say.

This Marketing Tool Was a Home Run for Us, Like Winning the Big Race.

I never thought we could have such a well-known celebrity pitch our business at this price point. We were able to create an incredible buzz for our local business. The fact that it was so easy to setup and then one click to publish the videos to our social media was incredible.!


Clive De Sousa

Glory Cycles, Greenville SC

Unlike Anything I've Ever Seen!

We were one of the first beta testers for this and I can't oversell how easy the platform was to use. Having a famous celebrity presenting real customer reviews of our store creates a buzz and has been great for our foot traffic. This service is unlike anything I've ever seen and couldn't recommend it enough.


Richard Kiibler

305 Design Center, Miami FL

We have a lot of customers wondering how we did this!

These videos have given us the boost we needed to stand out from the clutter on social media. We always struggled to justify the investment in marketing and this has been so effective that it is the best monthly investment we ever made. It has brought us credibility we otherwise had no chance of getting.


Rick Irrgang

Pro Bowl Plumbing, Coral Springs FL

How it Works

Megabiz is a cloud based video marketing platform offering an exclusive roster of famous celebrities. In a few clicks, create brilliant videos with famous celebrities presenting you and your best customer reviews to the world - and then auto post them to your social media and engage your audience - every month! 


Select Plan + Add Your Info.

Pick your monthly plan and add your business data and images. You only do it once!


Connect Your Social Profiles

Click to connect your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and YouTube accounts. Just click and you’re done!


Pick Your Best Reviews

Pick your best customer reviews that you want to promote from top review sites.


Render and Post Your Video

Click and Megabiz creates a celebrity video tailored to your business and posts it to your social media in minutes. Every month you get a new celebrity review video.

Our Features

Your Business Has Two HUGE Hurdles To Constantly Overcome: Being Known And Being Trusted. When you work with Megabiz, we’ll get you over both. stuti


Famous Celebrities Every Single Month

We have recruited a roster of famous celebrities that are ready to work for you, giving your brand the social proof and credibility it needs to compete.


Videos Personalized for Your Business

Your videos are professionally scripted to show the best your business has to offer. No learning curve. No video experience needed. Just pick, click and upload.


Share Positive Customer Reviews

Megabiz pulls reviews from Yelp, BBB, Facebook, Google and other popular review sites. Just pick the one you want to promote and we’ll get to work!


Be a Social Media Rock Star

You make the magic happen. We’ll make sure people listen. Megabiz auto posts your celebrity review videos to your social media accounts each and every month.

Megabiz will increase the number of people who know about - and want to do business with you. It’s that simple.

Did you know that 88% of all consumers pre-research online and that 93% are influenced by reviews? On top of fighting for attention from already distracted consumers, you’re also constantly battling other people’s opinions. Let Megabiz help your business get the attention it deserves so that you get the sales you want.

Consumers Love Celebrities

Megabiz has a growing roster of famous celebrities as spokespersons. They record videos that relate elements from their lives and careers, to the importance of quality and service. These videos goes into our library and are released on schedule to sing the praises of your business.

Videos Personalized for your Business - Once you have it, You Love it.

The videos are scripted to show the best your business has to offer. Elevate your brand with videos that show your best pictures, best reviews, and your calls to action - with a famous celebrity presenting it all.

The Positive Customer Review Effect

The secret here is to create favorable impressions, share positive customer reviews, stand out from the competition and take away any objections to doing business with you. Megabiz does this for you by pulling your best reviews from Yelp, BBB, Facebook, Google and many more review sites.

Be a Social Media Rockstar - Your Way

People can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist. Social media can get you in front of new customers, but the key to success is consistent posting. Megabiz auto posts your videos every single month to your important social media, so you are constantly in front of new buyers.


Celebs = Time - Tested Marketing

When famous people are associated with your business, consumers are prompted either subliminally or directly, to use your products or services. Megabiz has an exclusive roster of well known celebrities who can elevate your brand to new heights.

Straight Forward Pricing

Don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars to contract a celebrity and pay all the production costs. Megabiz does all this work for you with an affordable and simple all-in-one pricing structure!

Business Essential

Perfect for Small / Medium Business

Limited Time OnlyFirst Month Free*$299 a month after the first 30 days

  • 1 Business Or Brand
  • 1 Celebrity Video Every Month
  • Different Celebrity Every Month
  • Customer Reviews From Yelp, BBB, Facebook And Google
  • 1 Customer Review Per Video
  • Post To Facebook Fan Page, Twitter And YouTube
  • Auto Publish New Video Every Month
  • Dashboard To Easily See All Your Activity
  • Video Repository
  • Email And Chat Support
  • Cancel Any Time
  • -


Marketing agencies serving multiple clients

Limited Time Only $599/Month

  • 2 Business Or Brands
  • 1 Celebrity Video Every Month Per Client
  • Different Celebrity Every Month Per Client
  • Customer Reviews From Yelp, BBB, Facebook And Google
  • 1 Customer Review Per Video, Per Client
  • Post To Client’s Facebook Fan Page, Twitter And YouTube
  • Auto Publish New Video Every Month For Each Client
  • Dashboard To Easily Manage All Client Activity
  • Videos Repository
  • Email And Chat Support
  • Access To Monthly Webinars And Facebook Group
  • Cancel Any Time

*Your credit card will not be charged until you complete your FIRST MONTH FREE TRIAL.


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